To receive insurance from the HyipRoom team, the following conditions must be done:

You are our referral

You have made a deposit in the project

You have ordered a refback

After the above conditions are done, fill out the form below


Attention! It is mandatory to withdraw accruals on projects in time. When checking your requests for compensation, it turns out that the deposit was created much earlier than the scam in the project came, but you did not withdraw anything, you kept the funds on the balance, especially for the hourly HYIPs, in such cases, requests will not receive compensation if, through your fault, funds have not been withdrawn from the project for a day or more!

Requests in which the amount of the loss will differ significantly from the real one will be ignored and there will be no compensation for them. Thanks for understanding

Requests for insurance are accepted within 24 hours after the getting the project the status "does not pay"!!

Payment of insurance will be made after checking all requests within 24 hours.


How do we calculate the percentage of insurance:

(1000/x)*y , where

1000 - The size of our insurance

x - The total amount of losses of our referrals

y - The amount of your loss


Only registered users allowed to leave the insurance request

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